Flexible Outsourced Copywriting Service

Ensuring that your clients' websites are kept up to date with fresh content is a vital part of maintaining strong search performance.  We offer a flexible outsourced copywriting service that helps you manage your content strategy.  Our scalable service means that we can cover your needs whether they are for regular client blogs or larger rewriting projects.

outsourced copywriting service

Ghost Writing Blogs

Our team can provide fully researched and well written blogs on a variety of subjects to help you build a more comprehensive content strategy for clients.

We work to your brief and calendar to schedule delivery of content on a regular basis.  This means you have time to review and request changes ahead of publishing deadlines.

Content Rewriting

A key challenge for any agency is managing large content writing projects where creating unique copy is required.  This can be particularly important on retail websites where manufacturer descriptions are used.

Our scalable resource means that we are able to deliver large projects quickly.  This helps you meet clients' campaign objectives in a timely manner.

web page rewriting
Why Outsource

Outsourced Copywriting to Get More Done

As with all our services, Outsourced Copywriting from Ex Fonte is designed to be flexible, and there's no long term contract to worry about.  Our fee structure for content creation is completely transparent.  We offer a choice of per-page or per-hour rates from £25 +VAT.  Our fully trained team are all UK based, and native speakers.  For convenience, you can access an account manager during office hours if you need to make urgent changes to your brief.

Next Steps...

To find out more about copywriting or any of our services, and chat about how Ex Fonte can help your agency deliver more for clients, please get in touch.