Why Outsource

Whether you’re a smaller agency that needs extra help in delivering a great client service, or a fast growing mid size agency you may be looking at a daunting pile of work that needs doing and thinking about how you’re going to get it done.  You may be comfortable doing it yourself, but you may also be thinking about how you can free up time to grow.  One question that you may be asking when pulling your plans together is “Why Outsource?”.

Successful Marketing Agency Characteristics

Successful marketing agencies have a number of things in common:

  • They win new business
  • They retain and grow existing clients
  • They attract the best staff
  • They facilitate those staff in delivering their best work
  • They provide great results

These tend to form a virtuous circle that drives further improvements over time – the better results the agency achieves for its clients, the more clients want to work with them, which helps them win more.  If you can manage good performance at all these metrics, then why outsource?

Why Outsource
Why Outsource? If your to do pile looks like, this, it’s probably time to ask for help.

Without good performance in all these areas, the process grinds to a halt, growth stops, clients leave, opportunities for staff evaporate, and motivation to succeed falls off, and results don’t materialise.

It’s All About Resource

A marketing agency is a vehicle to sell a human resource – the knowledge and skills of actual people.  Whether the agency is delivering search, design, or content, it is people who facilitate this.  From business development through to client services, people need to be able to have the space to do their jobs.

Of course, resource costs money, and unless that resource can be sold, it’s not delivering profit to the business.

Resource that’s idle isn’t an asset, it’s a liability.

The challenge for an agency is ensuring that the resource they have on tap is delivering maximum value to both customers and the business.

From a purely financial perspective, it’s wise to run at close to capacity, and as a result, agencies often recruit behind the curve (there are exceptions).  This creates a different set of risks – if key people are overloaded, they’re not going to be able to deliver their best work.

So it makes sense to be able to add resource on demand to cover periods of higher demand and then back off when it’s quiet.

In the digital marketing industry, there’s plenty of freelance resource on tap to fill in the gaps.  This can have drawbacks though.  A lot of freelancers are pretty experienced guys who can add real value to a business, so they tend to get recruited to handle higher end stuff.  Otherwise, the higher hourly rates they command are poor value.

Would you ask someone with 10 years of experience to make tiny tweaks and pay them a full freelancer rate?  All too often the answer is yes.

Using an Outsourcing Company

Fundamentally the difference between using a single freelancer and an outsourcing company is that you have access to a wider spectrum of skill levels.  Freelancers are generally highly experienced senior consultants whereas a specialist outsourcing company will likely have a broader range of skills available.

At Ex Fonte, we have a team of staff who are ideally suited to taking on the day to day role within a marketing campaign – handling the heavy lifting / repetitive tasks that ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO BE DONE, while leaving the senior resource in our partner agencies to handle the value add tasks that NEED TO BE DONE.

So Why Outsource?

Here’s some of what we think are the key benefits and may answer the “why outsource” question:

  • Access to skills on a flexible basis
  • Add resource to get things done
  • More cost effective than freelancers

If you’d like some advice about answering the question, or want to know more about what we might offer, get in touch.  We’d love to talk.