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Our Approach

Building a successful marketing agency requires a unique combination of skills.

Aside from having a team who can deliver great results for your clients across multiple marketing channels, you also need to be able to build strong relationships and communicate success effectively.

Over time, factors such as staff retention, fast growth, and reaction to change in the industry can derail progress and mean a reboot.

Whether you're scaling up, preparing to sell and keen to optimise profitability, or simply want to improve your operational and new business processes, we can help.

Our experience working with agencies at all stages of growth and development means that we can help you overcome the challenges that you're facing and help you become more successful.


Our Story

With more than 15 years of agency experience, we understand the challenges that agencies face in delivering great work, and have structured our business to meet those challenges in a way that's both agency friendly, and that works well.

About James Lowery


James Lowery


Moving from an in house marketing role to the UK's largest search specialist agency in 2007, James' experience included client facing and strategic management roles over a period of 6 years before becoming an independent consultant providing advice and support to mulitple UK and US marketing agencies.

With strong experience across operations, planning, sales, business development, and process management, James brings a unique range of skills to his consultancy and works directly with senior management and board teams to effect growth focused change to his client agencies.

Agency Experience

Since 2013, James has worked with multiple agencies across the UK and North America.  These range from boutique branding and design agencies through to large omnichannel agencies working with international clients.

While much of this work is under NDA, we are happy to provide more information and references on request.

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Next Steps...

If you'd like to find out more about our range of services, or chat about how working with Ex Fonte can help your agency deliver more for clients, please get in touch.