Alongside our sales training, we can also provide an ad hoc pitch consultancy service. In this we work with your team on important new business opportunities to tune your proposal, presentation, and offering to help you win the business.

What Makes a Successful Pitch

In the most successful agency sales pitches, everything comes together:

  • The services meet precise needs of the client
  • The team give the client confidence
  • The communication is excellent
  • The pricing meets the budget

    In addition to the above, good rapport through the process means that the client can envisage future success and is excited by the prospect of working with you.

    When everyone is on form, your proposal meets the brief perfectly, and you communicate the concepts well to an audience that likes you, you are more likely to pick up the contract.

    Sales Pitch Consultancy

    With our pitch consultancy service, we work with your team in dedicated sessions to manage communication, craft and refine the proposal, develop the key questions to answer in a presentation. This gives you everything you need to win.

    What our Pitch Consultancy Includes

    Ideally, we work with your team through the whole process of a new business opportunity to refine all aspects of the process:

    • Creating and managing a communication schedule
    • Suggesting questions to ask to refine the brief
    • Building a proposal outline that answers the brief fully
    • Reviewing the service offering vs cost & results
    • Identifying key supporting information and case studies
    • Auditioning team members to contribute to the sales opportunity
    • Reviewing and refining the proposal document
    • Suggesting follow up communications
    • Deciding on the pitch team
    • Developing a pitch deck for a presentation meeting
    • Managing pitch rehearsals and refinement
    • Conducting a debrief and guiding the follow up process

    Working with you start to finish, we aim to ensure that all bases are covered and you are in the best position to win.

    When to Use Pitch Consultancy from Ex Fonte

    We work with agency teams across a variety of different scenarios.

    • Transformative new business opportunities where winning could be game changing for the agency
    • Occasions where a new team are coming together for the first time and coshesion is needed
    • Situations where an agency is consistently losing at the final hurdle and you want to know what’s going wrong.

    As part of our pitch consultancy service, we start by understanding your individual challenges, and then spend time with the client facing team to discover what the barriers are to success. We then work together with the team on the pitch to improve performance.

    This means that you get answers to your questions, and solutions to your problems rather than a typical generic piece of sales training.

    We work with agencies of all sizes, and across all disciplines to help them sell more successfully.

    Our sales training service for agencies can also help drive longer term change.

    Can We Help?

    Is your sales team failing to win business?

    Are you concerned that your sales collateral is not good enough to cut through?

    Are you failing to build good relationships?

    If the answer is yes, we can help. By engaging with you and your team through a structured pitch consultancy process, we identify what is stopping you winning and help you get on the right track.

    Simply fill in the form below, and we’ll call you back to see how we can work together.