Your agency’s profitability depends on your ability to deliver high quality work for clients, and this means building efficient processes that can be measured and refined over time. 

What Are the Symptoms of Inefficient Working Practices

Work might not be completed on time or take too much resource in an inefficient marketing agency.  Resource issues can cause missed deadlines and low quality work.  This might include poorly realised creative work, insufficient insight and analysis into performance, and missed opportunities.

Inefficient systems negatively affect profitability for agencies because they lead to an increase in unbillable work and can seriously increase client churn.  This puts pressure on sales, production, and client servicing teams and in the long term will affect morale.

Identifying the Causes of Inefficiency

The first step in building efficient processes in your agency is to understand the barriers to productivity.

These may include:

  • Poor technology choices
  • Insufficient training or experience
  • Low quality briefing documents
  • Inconsistent documentation
  • Weak time management

At the start of our engagement, we conduct a full review of how your processes, people, and technologies interface.  We find the roadblocks and bottlenecks throughout your business, and fully document them.

Building Efficient Processes for your agency using the six sigma methodology

We follow a proven formula for process improvement using Six Sigma principles that facilitates measurement and optimisation.

The Path to Building Efficient Processes

In complex systems like marketing agencies there is rarely a silver bullet, to improve efficiency.  Continuous improvement, or cumulative incremental improvements to different aspects of your organisation can be implemented to remove each bottleneck and may include:

  • Increased use of collaboration software
  • Improvements to internal documentation
  • Staff training & redeployment
  • Team restructuring
  • Introduction of better task management

A culture of accountability is essential in building efficient processes, and by creating more detailed management information (MI) around team performance, we put in place a foundation for ongoing optimisation to improve your profitability.

Can We Help?

Are you struggling to complete work on time?

Are deadlines causing stress for your staff?

Is quality causing problems with clients?

Talk to us about how we can review your existing workflows and identify the issues that are affecting productivity.  We will help you to build efficient ways of working that improve client satisfaction, staff wellbeing, and profitability.  Simply fill in your details below, and we will arrange an initial call.