Losing customers makes growing your agency hard. It can be an indication of problems with your service that must be addressed.  We help you improve client retention by reviewing your processes, relationships, and service levels to identify what’s costing you business.

Why Client Retention Matters

It might seem obvious, but the revenue from your regular clients is the foundation for your agency’s growth.  Losing clients means that your agency loses revenue which increases pressure on your business development and operations teams.  Losing clients also means that you lose the opportunity for future upsell too.

Improve Client Retention

It’s also important to remember that if you’re preparing your marketing agency for sale, one of the key factors that will feed into the valuation is client churn.  Your eventual sale price will refect positive fators such as a solid revenue base and long-term client relationships. 

Improving client retention benefits your agency today and in the future, giving you revenue now, and higher value when it’s time to sell.

How do we improve client retention?

The first step in improving client retention is understanding why clients would leave. During the initial phase of work, we speak to past and present clients for feedback on your service and value.

This allows us to identify consistent issues clients raise and feed back on the positive aspects of your agency.

After our external review, we interview and review client facing staff to understand how they build and maintain relationships.

Following the internal and external analysis of client relationships, we review your comms processes and documentation for quality. 

From this detailed review, we identify the key factors that are causing you to lose clients. This information is used to create a roadmap to resolve the issues with the goal of improving client retention in your agency. We design the roadmap specifically for you including recommendations for relevant training, documentation, and processes.

Can we Help?

Are you losing clients and not sure why?

Are poor client relationships costing you revenue opportunities?

We can help you to understand why relationships with clients are not working and provide you with a scalable roadmap to resolve issues in your agency and improve client retention.  Contact us using the form below, and we will call you back to discuss your options.