Poor productivity in a marketing agency will reduce profitability and affect client relationships. If your team are not getting through work effectively, your agency’s recovery rate per client will drop and your margins will shrink.  By reviewing your processes, we can help you identify bottlenecks in performance and help improve agency productivity.

Symptoms of Poor Productivity

Your profitability is affected by how quickly work is completed. This is true whether your agency charges a flat monthly fee with fixed deliverables or a total project fee, . 

The most common indicator of poor productivity in a marketing agency is that a backlog of work is building up even through staff appear busy. 

When productivity is uneven through an agency and resource in some areas may suffer. Morale can be negatively affected as a result.

How We Can Help Improve Agency Productivity

As an external growth consultant to your business, we can review performance through the business from a different perspective. Diagnosing the underlying issues that negatively affect throughput in the business means that we can then put in place the right remedy to resolve the issue.

A number of factors can contribute to poor productivity in your agency:

  • A lack of training
  • Poor project scheduling
  • Incomplete briefing
  • Poor individual task management
  • Ineffective Team Structure

We identify the the causes of poor productivity in your agency through our review process. Once complete, we will put a tailored plan in place to resolve the issues and work with your team to create proper documentation of efficient processes that will stop the issue recurring.

improving agency productivity

Typical steps we introduce to improve agency productivity following a review include:

  • Creating specific training plans
  • Introducing better task management processes and software
  • Developing comprehensive briefing documents
  • Introducing focus periods and reducing email traffic
  • Restructuring teams in line with agency needs

These improvements can have an immediate impact on the way work is completed, your teams become more efficient which leads to clients recieving better quality work.

The Benefits

Staff complete more billable work more quickly.  This improves your baseline productivity, reduces the need to use expensive freelancers to pick up the slack, and will contribute to better morale.

Your Clients benefit from improved agency productivity too. You deliver creative and performance campaign improvements faster which allows more time for refinement.

Can We Help improve your agency’s productivity?

Is poor productivity in your agency affecting profits?

Do missed deadlines affect your client relationships?

We can help. Talk to us today about how we can help you get more done with available resource and improve your agency’s performance.  Simply fill in your details below and we’ll call you back.