Get Space from Work

Our pint and planning session takes you out of the office so that we can talk about your ideas and objectives over a drink.

A relaxed environment can be really useful in getting a different perspective on ideas and we can work on bringing your ideas to fruition.

out of office consultancy

Get Perspective

Our pint and plan sessions can focus on a single concept or give you an opportunity to get things off your chest away from distractions.  Typically we would spend around two - three hours away from the office and enjoy a couple of drinks.  These sessions can only be booked in the afternoon because drinking before the sun is over the yardarm isn't a good idea.

One off or Ongoing

Getting away from office interruptions for a few hours every month is a popular choice, and also gives us the opportunity to discuss progress on your ideas in a setting that offers discretion.

consultancy for agency
Agency Consulting

Cost Effective Flexible Consultancy

Pint and Plan meetings can be booked on afternoons through the week, and include a follow up call to discuss the key points raised.  Typically, the meeting would last for 2 hours, so is ideally booked for late in the afternoon.

The Pint and Plan consultancy session costs £275+VAT and includes drinks at a venue of your choosing.

Next Steps...

Get in touch to book your first video call, or talk to us about a a longer term package.