Improve the effectiveness of your agency sales team and grow your business faster

Even if you have the best product and service on the market, if your sales team don't work in a cohesive way, you will struggle to win new business consistently.  Our two day training workshops help identify the key people to work on pitch teams and refine their skills to improve your hit rate.

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Structured Pitch Training

Competitive sales pitches can be daunting, but should be an opportunity to celebrate the talents of your agency and the results you can deliver for prospective clients.  Our two day pitch training workshops are designed to help give staff the organisation and confidence skills needed to deliver when it matters.

Designed for up 6 people in a relaxed environment, pitch training for agencies from Ex Fonte's experienced consultants contributes to your growth.

Comprehensive Sales Training for Agency Staff

Our pitch training workshop takes place over two days with the first day dedicated to building practical communication and presentation skills.  We work with your team individually and in group to discuss their individual needs and provide them with advice and support to improve their performance in the pressured environment of a sales pitch.

The second day moves from training into practice and rehearsal, helping to build time management skills and confidence about presenting ideas in a concise and structured manner that will win more business.

sales pitch training
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Quality Sales training Tailored to Agency Staff

The two day agency pitch training workshop costs £1,600+VAT, is designed for groups of up to 6 people, and can be conducted at your headquarters.  In addition to the training workshop itself, we also conduct an initial meeting with you to discuss the current challenges and opportunities your agency has.

We can integrate a current sales opportunity into the training to provide additional commercial benefits.

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